Agriculture continues to provide the livelihood base for about 80% of Nepal’s total population. The “Need of the Hour” is to commercialise agriculture with increasing productivity and output of a few selected agro-commodities, which could have a definite comparative and competitive advantages to Nepali farmers, and agribusiness communities involved in off-farm activities. Thrust in this direction with the increased use of modern technologies and agronomic practices and adoption of supportive market-driven private sector-led macro and micro agro policies could bring in more income thus helping combat poverty of growing segment of the population falling below the poverty line.


Agro Enterprise Center (AEC), the agricultural wing of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and industry (FNCCI) was established in September 1991 under the Cooperative Agreement between FNCCI and USAID/Nepal. Within past fifteen years, FNCCI/AEC made valuable contributions in Agro Business Development and Promotion. Since 01 October 2002, FNCCI/AEC has been re-shaped with more focused Mission and Vision and is taking a renewed role in re-presenting the private sector agribusiness community in the development of agriculture and agribusiness in Nepal.


“The vision of FNCCI/AEC in the national context is to be a strong, vibrant and sustainable private sector led agro-enterprise sector capable of contributing high and broad based economic growth”.


“To expand and strengthen market oriented private sector driven agro enterprises in order to increase the value and volume of high-value products old domestically and internationally”.