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One District One Product (ODOP)


The concept of ODOP is entirely incorporated with the principles of “One Village One Product” (OVOP) concept which originated in Oita Prefecture of Japan in 1979. At present, this program has been adopted by different countries all over Asia, Africa and Latin America as a rural community development program. Nepal is one of the countries doing so, having adopted OVOP program since 2006. In Nepal, OVOP is a Public Private Partnership based program in which Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) is playing a very important role from the private sector in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC).

ODOP Details

odop finaled 2014 ODOP Map Areas



One Village One Product (OVOP) program as initiated by the then governor of Oita Prefecture of Japan in 1979 has been advancing more and more towards popularity. He has initiated this very program as a campaign to break off migration of the local people towards urban areas creating employment opportunity & generating activities like promotion of locally viable products using skill of the community immensely.
OVOP program started with three major principles as such:

– Think globally, act locally
– Self-reliance and creativity
– Fostering Human Resources

The program has focused on encouraging self dignity of the local community and local
products having local essence. Market and brand promotion of the local product is another
focal point of the program.

The successful implementation of OVOP program not only helped raising the local
community’s income but also established the local products of Oita prefecture like Shitake
Mushroom, Kabosu Lime, Greenhouse Mandarin, and Distilled Barley Spirit as national
brands of Japan. Many other countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China,
Cambodia and recently Nepal also have adopted this model.

OVOP Program in Nepal

Inspired by the success of OVOP program in various countries, an idea of launching this
program in Nepal has been evolved. The Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) had proposed the government of Nepal for its support on a partnership basis. After doing long time exercises, finally the program has been launched in Nepal in the year 2006 effective from the very first day of the fiscal year 2006/07 as a public private partnership program.

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1. OVOP Working Modalities-2015:- OVOP Working modality

2. Call for Proposals: We seek proposals to undertake the following activities: Content proposal



Agro Enterprise Center (AEC), the agricultural wing of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and industry (FNCCI) was established in September 1991 under the Cooperative Agreement between FNCCI and USAID/Nepal. Within past fifteen years, FNCCI/AEC made valuable contributions in Agro Business Development and Promotion. Since 01 October 2002, FNCCI/AEC has been re-shaped with more focused Mission and Vision and is taking a renewed role in re-presenting the private sector agribusiness community in the development of agriculture and agribusiness in Nepal.

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